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I Have a New Favorite TV Show

It's called Misfits, and it's kind of like a British X-Men, but with more sex, drugs, bad language and bloodshed. Oh, and the rest of my flist discovered this show about 2 years ago, but I'm kind of slow on the uptake.

Anyways, it's friggin' awesome and I kind of want to stay up all night and watch the rest of the episodes on my computer, but... that would probably be irresponsible and bad.


This reminds me, when does Series 7 of Who start? I swear, if they completely ignore the River/Doctor marriage, I will scream and cry and throw things at my laptop in protest. PLEASE MOFFAT MAN, DO NOT DO THIS TO ME. I mean, I know it won't be long and lasting and binding forever or anything, but they at least have to address the issue. Oh man, I'm such a shipper now. I try not to ship tv shows anymore - I've been burned so many times now - but I can't help it. I blame Alex Kingson's epic cleavage.
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I'm only a couple eps in, but I love it so far. Despite the familiar "superpowers" theme, it's just so different from anything I've ever seen on American tv!
GIRL, have you been ignoring me talking about Misfits for a year??
Unfortunately, yes. I'm dumb like that. But I'm going to start paying attention to your, uh, emails about it now, rest assured. :)
I've had the first series DL'd for about two months. I need to start watching it.

From what I heard, series 7 is supposed to begin in the fall of this year. No word yet on if they're going to break like they did last series. But as I understand it, the possibility isn't off the table.
Watch it! It's such a great show. Raunchy and totally inappropriate, but I think they can get away with that more on European tv (after the threshold or whatever they call past kid's bedtimes).

Not til Fall?!? But I need my Who fix before then!!! WOE UNTO LUNA.
Watershed, is the term. I think watershed programs are like what pay cable is here.

I think the Olympics being in London might have SOMETHING to do with it. Then again, maybe not.
LOL, I totally forgot about London hosting the summer Olympics. I should remember that, they did a whole DW episode Series 2 about that.
I wish I had unlimited free time to watch every show that comes out of Britain. Everything is better from Britain. :D