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Five Things

1. My grade still hasn't come in yet. What's taking the professor so long? I know this is only the second class he's ever taught, but it's been almost 2 weeks since we took the final. Gah!

2. I'm not gonna be able to see Order of the Phoenix until Thursday at the earliest. *jealous of everyone who gets to see it tonight* Whaaa.

3. In case 500 people on your flist haven't already linked you to this, here's Dan Radcliffe's leather-clad photoshoot for Details magazine. GUH. Remember, legal in the UK, LEGAL IN THE UK!!! Also, hee, Emma Watson's reaction is priceless. *pets her*

4. I really really need some more Harry Potter icons. I only have like 4, and they're all horribly outdated too. Bleh.

5. Ooooh! Oooooh! I FINALLY REACHED THE 50 POUND WEIGHT LOSS MILESTONE. OMG YAY. To treat myself, I'm getting a mani-pedi and my eyebrows done. Go me!
Tags: harry potter, school, weight loss
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