So Long and Good Night: Frank/Gerard Fic Recs List

Last month I did a massive Pete/Patrick fic recs post. Since then I've been reading a ton of Frank/Gerard fics and I thought I'd do a recs post for them too. Like before, you could just as easily sort through my Frank/Gerard tag on, but this is more convenient. :)

So why am I obsessed with Frank & Gerard? Here's some visual aids to ponder. ::lets you absorb that for a minute:: Really, the RPS for these two writes itself.

Most of my recs come either from, stepps' recs or this recs site. If you're into this pairing, you've probably read all these fics before, sorry. I haven't been in the fandom long enough to find the obscure fics yet.

Note: a couple of these are multi-band fics, so there might be some overlap with my Pete/Patrick recs.

:: AU's ::

More than half of my recs are AU's of one sort or another. I think it's because Frank & Gerard are so gay for each other on stage it's just redundant to write them as they really are.

++ An Emergency of the Heart by bexless, rated PG-13.
Summary: Cinderella AU.
Luna Says: Oh! This is just the cutest thing ever. Gerard has a menagerie of mice and birds helping him hook up with Frank, his Prince Charming. Also, he keeps randomly breaking into song.

++ The Account AU by shoemaster, rated PG-13.
Summary: Frank is an accountant, Gerard is an artist (spoiler!: and then they fall in love)
Luna Says: I held off on reading this for a long time, because I honestly couldn't wrap my mind around Frankie as an accountant. But I finally read it, and I'm so glad I did.

++ As Close As It Gets To Home by airgiodslv, rated NC-17.
Summary: Telepath police consultant AU. Title taken from the BTE song ‘Our Finest Year.’
Luna Says: This was a little weird and cracktastic, but satisfying at the same time.

++ As Long As It Matters by coffeewordangel, rated "NC-17 just to be safe, but barely."
Summary: Frank doesn't fuck his friends. Really, he doesn't.
Luna Says: College AU. Gerard and Frank have kind of been dating, but Frank is oblivious.

++ The Boys and Girls in the Clique by arsenicjade, rated NC-17.
Summary: None given.
Luna Says: High school AU. Also Bob/Spencer and Mikey/Ryan. They all go to prom together - it's adorable.

++ Chlorine by lemon__crush, rated R.
Summary: None given.
Luna Says: Gerard has an affair with Frank the pool boy. SO HOT OMG.

++ Chromatography and Spectrometry by stereomer, rated R.
Summary: chemistry lab partners AU.
Luna Says: College AU.

++ Conclusions by bexless, rated NC-17.
Summary: "Smokes," Mikey reads aloud. "Likes dogs in case ever get one. Likes rock music. Likes loud rock music. Is interesting. Does not hog bathroom." He looks at Frank over the top of his glasses. "Dude, it's like you're meant to be." Part of "The Nesty Verse: A cosy domestic world of fluff where MCR never existed. Gerard threw himself into art instead of music after 9/11, Frank owns an independent label, and Ray is a studio musician."
Luna Says: I bookmarked this ages ago but just read it for the first time this week. Since then I've re-read it about a dozen times. There's a shower scene in this that left me a melty pile of goo.

++ Hey Mr. DJ by shoemaster, rated R.
Summary: The late night DJ AU!
Luna Says: Frank is a late night radio DJ, Gerard is one of his listeners & callers.

++ The Holly Golightly Club by fluffontop, rated R.
Summary: High School AU based on the "I'm Not OK" video
Luna Says: Also Pete/Mikey. This is long (like really really long) and plotty and just GORGEOUS.

++ Home Is a Name by arsenicjade, rated NC-17.
Summary: MCR Clinic of Love. Part of the Wednesday- verse. Also Ray/Mikey.
Luna Says: So, Gerard & Mikey have a free clinic. Gerard and Frank are both HIV-positive. There's a lot of angst, but it all works out in the end.

++ In Which Gerard Is a Quirky College Professor and Frank Is the Best TA Ever Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 by wordslinging, rated PG-13/R.
Summary: ...It's all there in the title, really.
Luna Says: The UST and build-up here is delicious.

++ In Which Gerard Learns About First Impressions (A Very Special Holiday Episode) by lemon__crush, rated R.
Summary: None given.
Luna Says: Gerard is a college student at home for the holidays, and has been assigned to watch Frankie.

++ Jon's Bookstore (A Few of My Favorite Things by foxxcub, rated R.
Summary: A funeral is really the wrong place to learn you've inherited a business.
Luna Says: A Jon Walker specific story with Jon/Spencer, Frank/Gerard, Ryan/Brendon, and Pete/Patrick pairings.

++ Just Won't Do Without You (The Puppy AU) by foxxcub, rated PG.
Summary: Spencer thinks the smell of sunshine is the best thing ever.
Luna Says: Panic, MCR and Pete & Patrick as puppies. IT'S THE CUTEST THING EVER.

++ Last Christmas. A Seasonal Drama in 24 Parts. by maleyka, rated PG-13.
Summary: None given.
Luna Says: This is really a Jon/Spencer story with a side of Ryan/Brendon, Frank/Gerard, Vicky/Travis and assorted other players.

++ The Mathematics of Cunnilingus by dsudis, rated NC-17.
Summary: "I'm Not Okay"-esque high school AU.
Luna Says: Frank convinces Gerard they should research cunnilingus for a science fair project. And by "research", I mean "watch a lot of porn together".

++ Our Comedies Are Not To Be Laughed At by adellyna and maleyka, rated PG-13 for the most part, NC-17 overall.
Summary: Bands? What bands? Everyone's in film school!
Luna Says: Everyone in bandom in various pairings. I put this in my Pete/Patrick recs, but I'm including it here too because there's a great Frank/Gerard paint!sex scene. Mmmm.

++ Progressive Diminishment and the Art of Living (or, how Gerard Way got his groove back) by lemon__crush, rated R.
Summary: None given.
Luna Says: Gerard wakes up in an alternate universe where Frank is his boyfriend. The premise is a little cracky, but it's written so wonderfully.

++ The Rift In The Lute by jocondite, rated R.
Summary: Brendon/Ryan, Jon/Spencer, various and sundry other pairings. Indie Coffeehouse AU, feat. Panic! At The Disco, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, The Hush Sound, The Academy Is..., Cobra Starship and a Very Small Dog.
Luna Says: So adorable. Ryan is so deliciously snarky in this.

++ Sixteen Tons (How Frank Made It Happen) by bexless, rated NC-17.
Summary: Working Girl AU. Also Brendon/Ryan, with cameos from Bert McCracken and FOB.
Luna Says: I didn't really like the movie, but I *love* this fic it's based on.

++ Taste You Everywhere by geneli4, no rating given but probably NC-17.
Summary: None given.
Luna Says: Domestic!porn! Frankie comes back. I don't really know if this is AU, because it's so short, but there's no mention of bands, so.

++ Watercooler Romance by virtuousvices, rated R.
Summary: "Uh, this was started back in October, I think. It was supposed to be super angsty Gerard hates work! But Frank comes along and they are all anti- establishment! But instead you get this :)"
Luna Says: Awwwww.


These guys make such fabulous girls.

++ Gerard and Rapunzel by dsudis, no rating given but probably PG-13.
Summary: Fairy tale genderfuck AU. Gerard/Frank/Bob (Gerard/Frank, Frank/Bob), Ray/Mikey.
Luna Says: So, in this fic Gerard is kind of a girl and kind of a boy, so I'm including it in the Genderswap category. This is a retelling of the Rapunzel fairy tale.

++ I Am a Patient Boy by onelittlesleep, no rating given but probably NC- 17.
Summary: So this is an AU about Gerard being a girl named Helen (after her...grandmother?) and Frank being sort of, head over heels. And what else...oh! Who KNOWS about these details! It's an au! I forgot where they were from in Jersey, so I made it Trenton! Is that even right? I didn't know the first drummers name, so I didn't give it! Was Frank living with his parents before MCR got together (probably)? Who knows!
Luna Says: I love Frank pining away for Helen in this fic.

++ The Last Gentleman In New Jersey by etben, rated R.
Summary: None given. Excerpt: So the thing is - the thing is, Gerard Way is totally not stalking the lead singer of Pencey Prep. Really. He's not. Not even a little.
Luna Says: Frankie is an 18 year old girl, Gerard is a fanboy. I loved the making-out-in-Frankie's-bedroom scenes.

++ One Day It Will Please Us To Remember Even This by justlikeheroin, no rating given but probably PG-13.
Summary: None given. Excerpt: "Frank," Brian said slowly, quietly, as if speaking to a very small, frightened child. "Geraldine's always been a girl."
Luna Says: MCR ends up in an alternate universe where Gerald's always been a girl and they're the only ones who remember him as a boy.

++ Putting the Fern In Infernal by normalhumanbein, rated NC-17.
Summary: None given.
Luna Says: Not really genderswap, but Gerard is a cross-dressing prostitute, so I'm including it here. Frankie picks him up one night.

++ She Sings The Revolution Part 1 and Part 2 by royalneptune, rated R.
Summary: Girl!AU featuring Frankie the newly band-less record store clerk and Geraldine the quiet frame store worker who wants Frankie in her band. Basically, MCR as girls, and they all work in the mall. Madness, right?
Luna Says: There's a couple grammar and punction issues in this fic, but nothing too distracting. Mostly I was just in awe of all the cute femmeslash.

++ Wake Up And Notice by cimness, rated NC-17.
Summary: Everyone just stared at everyone else for a second until Mikey mumbled, "Everyone turned into a girl except you last night, so I guess now there won't be anyone to kill spiders."
Luna Says: Everyone in MCR except Frank gets turned into a girl. There's awesome Mikey/Alicia psuedo-lesbian groping and Frank/Gerard hetsex. I love this fic like burning.

:: KIDFIC ::

We all know I have a huge fucking weakness for kidfic, right? Like I said for my Pete/Patrick recs post, MOAR KIDFIC NOW PLZ.

++ Five Tired Boys and a Broken Down Manager by soundslikej, rated NC-17.
Summary: Ten things Brian Schechter learned while babysitting My Chemical Romance.
Luna Says: All the MCR guys except Bob turn into pre-schoolers. This is really a Bob/Brian fic, but there's a little Frank/Gerard cuteness.

++ Forever, Now by passe_simple, rated PG-13.
Summary: Gerard and Mikey have lost their parents, but they've found Brian.
Luna Says: Gerard and Mikey are orphaned street kids; Brian takes them in. It's mostly gen but there's some Frank/Gerard as well.

++ Sleepover by jubileebanker, rated "A really hard R. Like, if we were in Scandinavia."
Summary: None given.
Luna Says: Frank has a 6 year old son, and moves to Fire Island where Gerard is his neighbor.

++ Small Cells and Fibers by sevenfists, rated R.
Summary: Preschool, small children, light-hearted fluff!
Luna Says: Frank is a preschool teacher, Gerard is a Hot Artist Dude with a small daughter.

++ Snow Day by airgiodslv, rated G.
Summary: None given. Excerpt: Alicia has one simple rule when it comes to Frank and Gerard babysitting her daughter – it always has to be the two of them together.
Luna Says: D'aawww, this is so adorable.

++ Something Better by lovelypoet, rated NC-17.
Summary: "We all have to take jobs we don't like sometimes, you know?"
Luna Says: Frank is nanny to Gerard's adorable 5 year old daughter. I LOVE THIS FIC SO MUCH OMG. Seriously, it's like my happy place.

:: ETC ::

All the other fics that aren't AU, kidfic or genderswap.

++ A Natural Reaction to Rough-Housing by bexless, rated NC-17.
Summary: He made it to the bathroom and stood there leaning heavily on the sink, staring at himself in the mirror. He didn't look like a creepy sadist. But neither did Christian Bale, and that hadn't ended well for anybody.
Luna Says: Frank kisses Gerard's boo-boos and makes it all better.

++ A Neccessary Requirement by bexless, rated R.
Summary: In which Gerard believes a stable, loving relationship is a necessary requirement for the viewing of genitalia.
Luna Says: Also Mikey/Pete. Set during the Summer of Like.

++ Fantasy Book by cimness, rated NC-17.
Summary: This was really, really not normal behavior for Gerard - not for real, normal Gerard, and it was even a little abrupt for the imaginary Gerard who lived in Frank's head and came out during his Special Alone Times with his dick.
Luna Says: Sex pollen fic! REALLY REALLY GOOD sex pollen fic.

++ Heat/Stroke by an_acrobat, rated NC-17.
Summary: Projekt Rev is really hot. Soft h/c. One shot.
Luna Says: Gerard takes care of Frank.

++ Hibernation Habits of Penguins by renne, rated adult.
Summary: Even when Frank is sick, Gerard's not able to avoid his attraction. Beer, boys and a bonfire.
Luna Says: A glimpse at the early days on the road.

++ Holding Out by marigolde, rated R.
Summary: Jamia's problem, when broken down into simplest terms, is that her friends keep getting crushes on Gerard.
Luna Says: The one where Gerard is a virgin.

++ I'm Not Sleeping (Trust Me) by dsudis, rated NC-17.
Summary: They didn't get any sleep while they were making the video.
Luna Says: Behind the scenes of the "I'm Not Okay" video, right after Gerard got sober.

++ Layover by chiromancy, rated R.
Summary: None given.
Luna Says: MCR is stuck in a layover in DC. Dulles Airport, to be exact - which totally made me squee, because I live like 15 minutes away from Dulles. :)

++ Like Ghosts in Snow by iphignia939, no rating given but probably R.
Summary: “This,” Frank said somberly, “was probably not the best idea we’ve ever had.”
Luna Says: Frank & Gerard get kinda high off paint fumes and make out.

++ Maybe Pete Was Onto Something by impertinence, rated adult.
Summary: Gerard is in love with Frank, but the only person he can tell about it is his hamster.
Luna Says: Awwwwww, so cute.

++ Reasons We Don't by airgiodslv, rated R.
Summary: “Why don’t we fuck?” Frank asks, tipping his head back to blow smoke at the sky.
Luna Says: Frank & Gerard actually make a list of why they don't fuck on the Warped Tour. It's awesome.

++ The Sky-High City by sevenfists, rated PG-13.
Summary: This is a story about something that could maybe happen to Frank Iero after his band breaks up.
Luna Says: Also Frank/Jamia. Angsty.

++ Sparkle Motion by bexless, rated R.
Summary: For the next week, Gerard woke up every morning to a new list of Words that Describe how Gerard is In Bed pinned on the fridge. It disappeared after one of them wrote, 'Sparkle Motion' because, Bob explained to Gerard, they felt they'd nailed Gerard's essence with that one.
Luna Says: I like the delayed gratification of this fic.

++ Subterfuge of Tiny Proportions by soundslikej, rated NC-17.
Summary: None given.
Luna Says: Gerard has been watching Frank watch him.

++ Unequivocal by stereomer, rated R/light NC-17.
Summary: this is how it would have happened.
Luna Says: Someone on describes this by saying "I'm pretty sure this is, like, MCR canon, only with more sex."

++ Wake Up And Notice You're Something You're Not by soundslikej, rated NC-17
Summary: Patrick and Frank switch bodies. Wackiness ensues. Pete/Patrick, Frank/Gerard, minor Patrick/Gerard.
Luna Says: I love how in this, Pete suddenly has morals and won't have sex with Patrick while he's in Frank's body.

++ The Way It Works by anew_leaf, rated adult.
Summary: None given.
Luna Says: Gerard swears off dudes. Frank changes his mind.

That took me entirely too long to compile. Also, I can't believe I don't have a Frank/Gerard icon. Someone make me one? ::puppy eyes::
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Heeeeeee! Enjoy the fic. :D This pairing sucks you in like you wouldn't believe.
I'm forever bugging people on AIM with talk of Gerard & Frank's EPIC GAY LOVE.

I'm so glad there's fics here you haven't read yet! You're gonna love them. :)
Yay, thanks for this. It's like all my favourite F/G fic in one place. \o/

Also, it's not much, but. Photobucket
If I knew how to make those little html hearts, I would so be sending them your way right about now. :D

It's [& hearts ;] without the spaces or brackets. :)

And yay, enjoy the fic!

♥ Oh, yay!

Embarrassingly enough, I think I've read almost all of these except for the Panic! crossovers. I'll be starting on those next. :)
Oh man, I'd hoped to spotlight a few fics that everyone hadn't already read. Oh well!
Thank you for the rec!

I am ALWAYS looking for more Frank/Gerard stories, so I am going to curl up with this list and cuddle. <3
i keep having to scroll back up and look again, because seeing my little in there with all those awesome stories was just so unexpected! *squeaks* thanks so much!
Thank you! Both for the recs and for reccing me! *blushes and blows kisses your way*
This is completely awesome, dude! All this great fic in one place, PLUS I love your "Luna says" bit too!

Thank you :D
So I don't usually comment on old posts because it's kind of awkward to, um, totally miss the party, but seriously, this line:

I think it's because Frank & Gerard are so gay for each other on stage it's just redundant to write them as they really are.

Is so perfect that I can't really pass it by without commenting. It kind of totally captures Frank/Gerard band-fics (not that there aren't totally amazing ones, of course).

p.s. In probably more important news, I *love* your recs here and also your Pete/Patrick rec list.
Hee! Thank you for commenting, even years later! I love to hear people still like my recs. :)

FYI, all my recs post in various fandoms are here.
I'm major new to livejournal (this is the first thing I've commented on). But thanks for these recs. It's helpful (cause I'm a total noob to here and have no idea where to find the decent stories :D)
Heh - who would have believed it - Google sent me straight here \o/HUZZAH\o/

The great thing is I just know I'm gonna like a lot of these because I've already listened to some of them podficced and they were awesome. Consider yourself *bookmarked*