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LiLo breaks her silence and confirms she DID write the alleged 'list of lovers'
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The 27-year-old actress says what happened was "humiliating and mean" as she breaks her silence on the list of her alleged sexual conquests
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The Vampire Diaries & The Originals Extended promo
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The Bletchley Circle cancelled
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ITV has cancelled its 1950s codebreakers drama, Bletchley Circle...

We may not have covered The Bletchley Circle on this site, but any show whose official Twitter handle is @ladynerds surely falls under the protection of our geek umbrella.

After two short seasons, ITV's women-led 1950s-set codebreakers drama has been cancelled. The series starred Anna Maxwell Martin, Rachel Stirling, Sophie Rundle and Julie Graham as former WWII Bletchley Park codebreakers, using their considerable nous in post-war civilian life to solve crimes.

A four-episode second series of the drama ran earlier this year, and despite it hanging on to an average of 4.9 million viewers each week, ITV appears to have called time on the female investigators. The Twitter response to the cancellation has been characterised by disappointment, with messages displaying quite understandable "There are obviously already too many women geniuses being awesome on TV" frustration.

Anyone who followed the Ripper Street developments from the news of cancellation to its phoenix-like return knows that the end isn't necessarily the end these days on television. As we discovered here, fan campaigns can shore up and offer moral support to executives fighting for renewal. Watch this space...


Phyllis Schlafly Claims Women Paid The Same As Men Won't Find Husbands
moonbladem wrote in ontd_political

Days after Senate Republicans unanimously blocked a vote on the Paycheck Fairness Act, Phyllis Schlafly, founder of "pro-family" organization Eagle Forum, claimed that providing women with equal pay for equal work would deter their chances of finding a “suitable mate” in a Christian Post op-ed published Tuesday.

Since a woman prefers to marry a man who makes more money than she does, Schlafly argued, decreasing the gender pay gap would leave women unable to secure a husband.

Schlafly, a longtime opponent of the Equal Rights Amendment, wrote:

"Another fact is the influence of hypergamy, which means that women typically choose a mate (husband or boyfriend) who earns more than she does. Men don't have the same preference for a higher-earning mate.

While women prefer to HAVE a higher-earning partner, men generally prefer to BE the higher-earning partner in a relationship. This simple but profound difference between the sexes has powerful consequences for the so-called pay gap.

Suppose the pay gap between men and women were magically eliminated. If that happened, simple arithmetic suggests that half of women would be unable to find what they regard as a suitable mate."

The conservative activist also noted that women do not deserve equal pay because they "work fewer hours per day, per week, per year” and “place a much higher value on pleasant working conditions: a clean, comfortable, air-conditioned office with congenial co-workers.”

Schlafly concluded that the best way to empower women "is to improve job prospects for the men in their lives, even if that means increasing the so-called pay gap."

Earlier this month, Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) defended Republicans’ opposition to equal pay legislation, insisting the GOP has long "led the fight for women's equality." Previously, she voted against the 2009 Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.

“I find this war on women rhetoric almost silly,” Blackburn said on CBS' "Face the Nation" on Sunday. “It is Republicans that have led the fight for women’s equality. Go back through history -- and look at who was the first woman to vote, to get elected to office, to go to Congress, four out of five governors.”

By Shadee Ashtari. Posted: 04/15/2014 3:15 pm EDT. Updated: 04/16/2014 10:59 am EDT.


Heliocentrism is a Jewish Conspiracy! Flat Earth Theory to be Taught in Schools.
evildevil wrote in ontd_political
Why are geocentrists trying to undo centuries worth of accepted science? (Hint: The Jews)

Most people probably assume the scientific debate over the Earth’s place in the universe has been settled for centuries, but a small group of conspiracy theorists have been quietly pushing the idea that Galileo was wrong.

The Raw Story brought them blinking into the light earlier this week with a report on their plans to release “The Principle,” a film narrated by “Star Trek: Voyager” actress Kate Mulgrew and featuring interviews with several prominent scientists, that questioned the Copernican principle placing the sun at the center of the universe.

Mulgrew and scientist Lawrence Krauss both reacted to the controversy by claiming they’d been duped by the geocentrists — and two of their ideological opponents say the group intends to dupe the public.

The film’s producers deny it promotes geocentrism but instead focuses only on the Copernican principle that lends the movie its name.

“The difference between geocentrism and denying the Copernican principle is not subtle,” said physicist Alec MacAndrew. “In the former case, the claim is that the Earth is stationary at the center of the universe. In the latter case the claim is much more vague – that the Earth is somehow in a privileged or unusual position.”

While he called the geocentric view “utter bunkum,” MacAndrew said the Copernican principle offered “a nice cosmological and philosophical question.”
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17(5) Actors Cast In Comic Book Movies Who Didn't Play The Role
tracerbullitt wrote in ohnotheydidnt
Sometimes, as seems to be the case with every Marvel movie, lots of actors are linked with a role, in what seems to amount to a public audition process. But there have been many instances in the past where someone has been offered the role in a comic book movie, often even signing the deal, yet it never came to pass. So whilst this article isn't going to talk about those who got down to the shortlist, it will focus on the people who got the job as a comic book character, but never got to play them.

Tom Cruise - Iron Man

Tom Cruise never fully signed on the dotted line to play Iron Man, but it was no secret he was involved in the project for some time. The actor was not only set to star as Tony Stark in the movie, but also produce it. And Marvel's Kevin Feige admitted as much at the time, revealing that discussions had been ongoing for a number of years.
Cruise eventually dropped out of the project though, saying back in 2004 that "as it was lining up, it just didn't feel to me like it was going to work". With Cruise departing the project, Kevin Feige would ultimately recruit Jon Favreau to direct Iron Man, and he in turn cast Robert Downey Jr in the lead role. Cruise, to date, hasn't taken a comic book character on.

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more @ the source

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Paris Jackson’s Mother Debbie Rowe’s Custody Battle Prompted By Michael Jackson’s ‘Greedy’ Brothers?
shilohninejulia wrote in ohnotheydidnt

Paris Jackson's (biological) mother Debbie Rowe's custody battle was prompted by Michael Jackson's "greedy" brothers, according to a new interview with the former nurse. Meanwhile, Michael's son Prince Jackson will reportedly oppose the petition because he doesn't want to live with his biological mother.
Debbie Rowe has told TMZ that she expected the King of Pop's brothers to turn the custody battle into a money issue as Jermaine, Randy, Tito and Jackie accused her of abandoning both Paris Jackson and Prince Jackson when they were still little after taking Michael Jackson's money.
Debbie Rowe is scoffing at members of the Jackson family who claim she abandoned her children for Michael Jackson's money ... saying it's a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black.
However, Paris Jackson's mother insisted that Michael Jackson was constantly calling her for advice while raising their children. She also said that the recent attack by the Jackson brothers were prompted by greed as they stand to lose the $50,000 monthly child support from the Estate.
For his part, Jermaine Jackson in a TMZ interview claimed that Michael Jackson would be nothing without the Jackson 5. He also said that he didn't have to smooch off the Jackson estate because he made a fortune from the time they were still a group.
Meanwhile, Prince Jackson is supposedly "disgusted" by Debbie Rowe's plan for custody petition.
"First, Debbie wasn't around for years, and Prince doesn't consider her his mother," a source told Radar Online. "As far as Prince is concerned, Debbie was basically a surrogate mother."
Debbie Rowe earlier claimed that Prince Jackson is out of control because of lack of supervision from the legal guardian, 80-year-old Katherine Jackson, but the source said that "Prince has a 4.2 GPA and is on track to graduate with honors."

article source
picture source

Debbie needs to gtfo imo. if Paris wants to live with her then that's her decision and should be honored, but Prince and Blanket clearly want nothing to do with her and are comfortable living with their Jackson family, leave them the hell alone!

Kenny from Big Brother 2 Canada Has Nude Picture Leak
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Mods, there was no article or anything to go along with the picture, this is really the only source I could use.

He has the kanji for "big" tattooed over his pubic area

Robyn and Röyksopp to release mini-album
ponpiri wrote in ohnotheydidnt
Robyn has announced a "mini-album, Röyksopp ahead of her forthcoming tour with Röyksopp. The Swedish singer and Norwegian DJs have collaborated on a five-song collection called Do It Again, which they will release on 26 May.

"This doesn't sound like Röyksopp featuring Robyn, or Robyn produced by Röyksopp – it's just something else entirely," Röyksopp said in a statement.

The Dancing on My Own singer appeared on Röyksopp's 2009 single The Girl and the Robot, while DJs Svein Berge and Torbjørn Brundtland produced Robyn's track None of Dem, from her album Body Talk. They have reportedly been collaborating on new material since early 2013. "It started to feel more like a band thing than songs for a Röyksopp or Robyn album," Robyn said recently.

Although the term mini-album might seem like a fancy nickname for an EP, the musicians have emphasised Do It Again's "cohesive ... diversity". The title track, which will be released as a single on 28 April, is described as an effervescent, "accidental pop song" that began as a "rave-inspired throwback". They have described the track as "big thumping house", while Inside the Idle Hour Club is "a pensive, slowly evolving soundscape".

On Monday, Robyn and Röyksopp unveiled a snippet of Monument, the 10-minute song that opens the album. They co-wrote the song's lyrics, drawing inspiration from a sculpture by Brazilian/American artist Juliana Cerqueira Leite, whose work Robyn said gave her a "physical experience of what it's like to define yourself or stand for something or figure out who you are".

Robyn's last full-length, Body Talk, was itself a compilation of three "mini-albums". Released in 2010, it reached only No 168 on the UK album chart.

Do It Again tracklist

1. Monument
2. Sayit
3. Do It Again
4. Every Little Thing
5. Inside the Idle Hour Club


Taye Diggs has a new girlfriend
lovepeace_soul wrote in ohnotheydidnt

He announced the end of his ten-year marriage to Idina Menzel in December.

But it seems Taye Diggs is already moving on, as he was pictured with a pretty brunette in West Hollywood on Wednesday night.

The  Private Practice star and his curvy date walked hand-in-hand as they left Hooray Henry's nightclub after their date.
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The Top 10 (or 5) Most Overrated Tele-Novelas Of The Last 10 Years!
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The highest rated novela at the moment is Lo Que La Vida Me Robó that stars Angelique Boyer and Sebastián Rulli. Although it's the most watched, it doesn't mean it's the best in writing and acting. Recently Televisa ordered extra scripts and extension of 40 episodes due to its success, forcing writers to come up with new stories not in the original they were basing it off of.

With the extension it's turning out to be overrated and has tarnished their image. This got us thinking of other melodramas that have been successful ratings-wise but lack in quality.

Rebelde (2004): The hit series formed RBD, the musical group that made Anahi, Maite Perroni, Dulce María, Christopher Uckermann, Alfonso Herrera and Christian Chávez to become household names. The pop band was a success, but the novela was complete rubbish. Based on an Argentine series the mexican version lasted 440 episodes. When people remember the it they think of the band, not the series. The series had major problems when the group started touring and filming became an obstacle. Scripts seemed to have been thrown out of the window, instead opting for product placement weaved into plots. It seemed like an improv hour and became painful to watch.

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Hot Chip's Alexis Taylor to Release New Solo Album in June
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Hot Chip's Alexis Taylor will release his second solo album and first for Domino Records, titled Await Barbarians, on June 10.

There is a special intimacy to the lyrics of Alexis Taylor's Await Barbarians, a simplicity and candor in his expression of emotion, though the moments of honesty are matched with a sense of humor, playfulness and fun.

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Scandal Season Finale Recap
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Scandal Season 3 Finale Recap & Review: Top 5 Spoilers

The Season 3 finale of Scandal had about as much hype as an episode can get. Kerry Washington said the episode got "crazier and crazier in the most wonderful way." Katie Lowes (aka Quinn) said the episode breaks every rule in TV.

But at least in terms of surprises, the episode lived up to the hype. Here's a rundown of how it happened:

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Read More @ the SOURCE

the Underwoods would be so proud of Eli

Hilary Duff Walking and Living A Life That You Wished You Had
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Singer and actress Hilary Duff spotted out and about in Beverly Hills, California on April 17, 2014.
More pictures of Hilary out and about in Beverly Hills, including pictures of Hilary shopping with her assistant & friend Lauren.Collapse )

ONTD, what celebrity do you wish you could be? (Besides walking queen Hilary, of course)

Kaley Cuoco Can't Think of Her Favorite Author in New 'Authors Anonymous' Clip
hawaii_bombay wrote in ohnotheydidnt

Kaley Cuoco is a super ditzy writer in this funny new clip from her movie Authors Anonymous, provided exclusively to JustJared.com.

The movie follows a group of dysfunctional writers that take a very new writer (Cuoco) under their wings. Little did they know she’d soon turn into an overnight success, which is a tough pill to swallow for most of the envious, and under-achieving, group.

Also featured in the clip are Teri Polo and Dylan Walsh, who play a married couple that definitely knows a thing or two about being an author.

Authors Anonymous, which also stars Chris Klein, Dennis Farina (in one of his final roles), Jonathan Bennett, Tricia Helfer, and Jonathan Banks, hits theaters on April 18 and is currently available On Demand and VOD.


Fave author/book?

Lupita Nyong'o Making Big Announcement in 'Very Near Future'
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The 31-year-old actress has yet to pick her next role following her Oscar-winning turn in the film 12 Years a Slave and she’s making the rest of us wait on pins and needles!

While no casting news has been announced yet, her agent tells the New York Daily News that “a big announcement will be made in the very near future.”

One of the rumors that has been spreading around is that Lupita has discussed a role in Star Wars: Episode VII, but nothing has been confirmed yet!

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What do you think the big announcement will be ONTD??

Divorce Post: Greg Vaughan & wife Touriya Haoud Split After 9 Years!
isntdaveone wrote in ohnotheydidnt

Days of Our Lives actor Greg Vaughan has come to the end of his days with wife Touriya Haoud, he announced via Twitter and Instagram on Monday, April 14. Married since 2006, the spouses have three sons together, Jathan James, 6, Cavan Thomas, 4, and Landan Reid, 2.

"As we open our hearts full of love & sadness, 9 years together & 3 beautiful children, we have decided to amicably separate," the soap opera star, 40, wrote alongside a photo of himself with Haoud, 36, a Dutch model.

"With dear love for each other and our family, as parents first and foremost, we kindly ask our space and privacy to be respected at this difficult time," he continued. "With our sincere love, Greg & Touriya."

Vaughan is best known for his roles on General Hospital and Days of Our Lives. He played Lucky Spencer on GH from 2003 to 2009, then joined the cast of Days in 2012, as the adult version of Eric Brady, who was previously played as a teenager by Supernatural star Jensen Ackles.

+ Andrew Dice Clay Divorcing To Save Marriage! + Sophie Turner's Divorce Gets Ugly! + Richard Marx Divorcing After 25 Years!Collapse )

Gaga gets her wisdom teeth out
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Have you had your wisdom teeth out, ONTD? / Dentistry post?

Iggy Azalea & Rita Ora’s “Black Widow” Sounds An Awful Lot Like Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse”
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Iggy Azalea‘s Rita Ora collaboration, “Black Widow,” has hit the Web a few days before the April 22 release of The New Classic, and the first thing that jumped out at us? It sounds an awful lot like “Dark Horse!” Turns out that’s because it was co-written by none other than Katy Perry. The potential single has a similarly snappy, sparse trap beat and the refrain (which is presumably the part KP wrote) follows that song’s formula of a slow-build chorus that never quite bursts.

You know that phenomenon where a guest outraps the song’s primary MC? That’s sort of the case here, with Ora bodying the hook and outshining Iggy’s snarling, bitter verses — even that triple time bit. Hear the song below.

Go to source to hear song.

Also apparently The New Classic leaked so this can be a listening post, I guess?

Farewell Cristina
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Grey's Anatomy 10x21 'Change of Heart' Promo


Sandra Oh's last episode will air May 15
this promo...

Who Went Home on The Challenge: Free Agents 2502?
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Season 25: Episode 2

Now let's get down to business...Collapse )

Source: My TV

Do you know how to drive stick, ONTD?

Tom Hiddleston walking post
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Tom Hiddleston walking from his trailer to the Crimson Peak set 4/17/2014

Tom in black gloves invites you inCollapse )

More at #1 Hiddleston source - Torrilla / Luke Windsor

Sebastian Rulli & Angelique Boyer Continue To Deny Romance Rumors: "We're Just Friends!"
isntdaveone wrote in ohnotheydidnt

Sebastián Rulli continues to maintain that his relationship with Angelique Boyer is strictly platonic. The two formed a professional relationship that grew into a friendship, but that's all that exists.

"Well, we are colleagues and we try to give our best when it's time to work," he said. "The important thing is to do things with your heart, and she does that. There is no special way to support her, just be there if she needs it."

People bring up their natural on-screen chemistry as proof but he argues that it doesn't start off the way it ends. "We are not so hot, the truth is that cameras, lighting and scenes that take time to shoot result in beautiful scenes. Obviously, it's going to look a lot better."

The two have previously agreed that there is a lot of chemistry between the two on-screen, and have both denied any romantic ties. Boyer has mostly kept mum about her breakup from José Alberto Castro, but she told the public that they shouldn't listen to rumors.

Rulli has denied rumors time and again, but it has not stopped people from talking. He previously said, "Angelique is an excellent actress and everything the public sees is a very professional performance by her. We are friends, but it won't go further than that."


Reign 1x19 promo
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Jersey Boys Trailer #1 + First Poster Revealed
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I think it looks good so far but movie musicals almost always end up disappointing me

Can Johnny Depp rise above his recent misfires?
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In the new sci-fi film "Transcendence," Johnny Depp plays a scientist who survives a brush with death, though he is forced to upload his consciousness onto a computer to do so.

As a leading man, Depp has endured his own share of misfortunes in recent years — at the box office and with critics — and though he remains an international star, "Transcendence," opening Friday from Warner Bros., will test whether he can rise above a string of misfires.

honestly, his midlife crisis is so depressing to watchCollapse )

ONTD POLL: When did you start to dislike Depp + is there anyway he could win you back?

This is a Pedro Pascal post (with bonus!Lena Headey because OF COURSE) <3
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'Game of Thrones': Pedro Pascal takes our Pop Culture Personality Test

If you’ve read our coverage leading up to Game of Thrones‘ season 4 premiere, there are some things you already know about Pedro Pascal, the actor cast as Prince Oberyn Martell (a.k.a. The Red Viper): Primarily that he was such a big fan of the show, he was scared he’d audition, not land the part, and then have spoiled himself for nothing.

But here are a few other things we learned when he stopped by EW to take our Personality Test: He’s also a big fan of Friday Night Lights and Battlestar Galactica. One of his prized pop culture possessions is a Polaroid he took of his Adjustment Bureau co-star John Slattery (affectionately signed “Don’t take my f—ing picture”). He estimates he’s only done karaoke twice: “La Bamba,” because his Spanish came in handy, and “Little Red Corvette.”
“If anyone is a Prince fan and knows what I’m talking about, the part where he kinda riffs about [laughs] stuff — I did good on that part. I didn’t have to read the lines.” And the 39-year-old has always been interested in envelope-pushing entertainment. “I wasn’t even in high school when [1989's] Sex, Lies, and Videotape came out, but I fancied myself so cutting-edge and smart that I saw it in the movie theater, and bought the book, and carried it around with me in school,” he recalls, laughing. “I actually met [writer/director] Steven Soderbergh years, years, years, years later. He lived upstairs from me in this apartment that I was in for a very short time in Los Angeles way back around the time Traffic came out. I pulled this copy out, and he couldn’t believe it, and he signed it.”
Pedro + Lena being adorable and perfect.Collapse )
Sources: 1 2 3
He seems like such a fun person! I want to hang out with him and Lena, tbh.

Parks and Rec season finale casting news
klutzy_girl wrote in ohnotheydidnt
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Parks and Recreation will unveil its season finale next Thursday, and it will be filled with all sorts of guest stars, from musical (Yo La Tengo, The Decemberists, Letters to Cleo, the returning Jeff Tweedy) to political (First Lady Michelle Obama) to mystery (???). One name you can add to the list from the comedy world: Workaholics star Blake Anderson.

Minor spoilersCollapse )

More Game of Thrones 4x03 stills
hautekills wrote in ohnotheydidnt

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Show!marg's mourning clothes have to be low-cut and tight too?? really got costume designers??

The Vampire Diaries: 5x19 - Man on Fire Promo
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‘Star Wars: Episode 7′ set photos have appeared online
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As you may have heard, ‘Star Wars: Episode 7‘ will be filming in Abu Dhabi for a few months this summer, as the UAE capital stands in for Tatooine, the home planet of Luke Skywalker. With production set to begin next month, work on the Tatooine set has already begun and today we have our first ever ‘Star Wars: Episode 7′ set photos!

cut for possible minor spoilersCollapse )


Wednesday & Thursday, 16th & 17th April 2014
psubrat wrote in who_daily
Do you have a Doctor Who community or a journal that we are not currently linking to? Leave a note in the comments and we'll add you to the who_daily reading list.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Because of the high posting volume and the quantity of information linked in each newsletter, who_daily will no longer link fanfiction that does not have a header. For an example of what a "good" fanfic header is, see the user info. Please note, the fic must have a header with the fic, not just in the link post, in order to be added to the newsletter. Thank you.

Off LJ News
Doctor Who Celebration: The Regenerations panel full video
Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: It’s A Bumper Doctor Birthday Week!
WATCH: Animated Trailer For Classic ‘Doctor Who’ On UK’s Horror Channel
Doctor Who Revenge of the Swarm Cover Revealed
Doctor Who: Mask of Tragedy Cover Revealed
Missing Dr Who episodes 'will be found' says former script writer
Sci-Fi London Film Fest to screen Who's Changing

(News via via blogtorwho, tardisscanner, og_news, among others.)
(For additional news, please visit: googledw)

Discussion and Miscellany
jjpor discusses the scheduling for Doctor Who on the UK's Horror Channel

Challenges/New Communities
doctorwho20in20: There are 3 days left to submit finished sets for Round 43

Single Part/Completed
In the Name of ... by a_phoenixdragon [Eleventh Doctor, Amy | PG-13]
Dead Souls by michaelchance [The Doctor | PG-13]
Relative Faith by flowsoffire [Eleventh Doctor, Clara | T]
A Forgotten Face by shivver13 [Tenth Doctor, Martha | G]
All Alone Tonight by michaelchance [The Doctor | PG-13]
Down Memory Lane by wojelah [Tenth Doctor/Jack | NC-17]
Some Old Tragedy by fuchsia_rainbow [Tenth Doctor | G]

Icons & Graphics
phoenix39 has 20 Amy icons

Till You Come Back to Me Again by wojelah [Tenth Doctor/Jack | G]

If you were not linked, and would like to be, contact us in the comments with further information and your link.

Jedward announces new single "Free Spirit" inspired by Gracie Gold, out May 17th
parcferme wrote in ohnotheydidnt

Famed X Factor UK twins Jedward — John and Edward Grimes — are coming out with a new single and it was inspired by figure skater Gracie Gold!

The 22-year-old brothers recently appeared on TV3′s Late Lunch Live to chat up their new album and title single, “Free Spirit”, which was only inspired by their fans but also by Gracie, 18.

“It’s such an honor to have inspired @planetjedward’s new song, “Free Spirit”! You guys are amazing!” Gracie thanked them in a cute tweet.

Edward spoke about the new album, “Since October, we have been working on our album, we have had three albums to date, but this is the first album written and produced by us.”

“Each song reflects a different mood and emotion, which our fans can associate with. Over the last year we have gone through a transition as artists, we have had time to reflect about life and put those thoughts into our songs,” John added.

“Free Spirit” is out on May 17th.


Bryan Singer's Obsession With Barely Legal Boys Was an Open Secret
boymilk wrote in ohnotheydidnt

The news that X-Men director Bryan Singer is being sued by a man who says Singer raped him multiple times when he was 17 might come as a surprise to some—but in Hollywood his taste for a very specific sort of young man was well known.

In the lawsuit (the second filed against Singer), plaintiff Michael Egan says that he was introduced to Singer by a man named Marc Collins-Rector, who was ordered to register as a sex offender after being convicted of luring minors across state lines. Egan describes what is essentially a sex ring, with older men like Collins-Rector scouting barely legal twinks who might be looking to saddle up to Hollywood's rich and powerful gays.

This is the way things have happened in the industry for decades: this BuzzFeed post that culls stories from the memoir of an old Hollywood liaison named Scott Bowers gives a good idea of how some film bigwigs used to get off.

But Hollywood gays and lesbians don't need to be as discreet as they did 60 years ago, and it's not too difficult to find stories and photos of Singer's infamous gay pool parties—and rumors of more.

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'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' Is Raking In The Cash In China
tracerbullitt wrote in ohnotheydidnt

This week, while U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel's trip to China was underscoring bilateral tensions between the two powers, the Chinese masses were busy embracing another U.S. visitor. The Marvel superhero sequel Captain America: The Winter Soldier -- which sees World War II hero Steve Rogers adjusting to life in the 21st century after a 70-year-long sleep, all while battling nefarious elements including spies and Nazis within his employer, a government agency called S.H.I.E.L.D. -- has cleaned up at the Chinese box office, selling over 5.6 million tickets and raking in $39.2 million in its opening weekend. That's less than the $95 million the film earned in its debut weekend in the United States, but it's not shabby for China, besting even the opening weekend for 2013's Iron Man 3, which went on to become China's second-highest earning film in 2013. Chinese viewers have embraced the film on Douban.com, China's leading social site for film buffs. Over 20,000 Douban users have collectively given the film an average score of 8.2, edging out even acclaimed Hong Kong director Wong Kar Wai's 2000 tour de force In The Mood for Love.

Why has an avowedly all-American hero proved so popular here? Launching the film on a three-day holiday weekend shortly after its stars toured Beijing certainly didn't hurt. But Winter Soldier also resonates because it keeps the hero's fundamental patriotism intact while modernizing his conflict for a complicated new era, pitting him against enemies burrowed deep within the government he serves. "[The new villain] is the very country he loves and protects," writes one Douban reviewer. "To love one's country isn't the same as loving one's government: This is the main draw of Captain America."

'A patriotic U.S. film is raking in the renminbi. Why?'Collapse )

+ Why Cap Is Anything But BoringCollapse )

'Clarence' Is Cartoon Network’s Most-Watched Series Premiere to Date in 2014
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Following recent successful premieres of such Cartoon Network Studios’ productions Steven Universe (Nov. 4, 2013) and Uncle Grandpa (Sept. 2, 2013), Clarence, Cartoon Network’s newest original animated comedy series premiered Monday, April 14, as the network’s most-watched series premiere to date in 2014 across all targeted kid and boy demos, according to preliminary data from Nielsen Media Research. The network’s latest addition to its top-rated Monday night line-up of original animated comedies also ranked #1 in its 7 p.m. time period among all cable and broadcast television networks for kids 2-11, 6-11 & 9-14 and boys 2-11, 6-11 & 9-14, out-performing all kid-targeted competition by double and triple digits. Compared to the same time period last year, Clarence earned across-the-board ratings and delivery growth ranging between 25% and 66%, as well as significant ratings/delivery gains over the previous four weeks’ average, ranging between 64% and 89%. Overall, Clarence attracted nearly 2.3 million viewers 2+, representing a 25% increase vs. last year’s time period.

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Kandi Kandid: Mama Joyce still hates Todd, Imitates Molly the Maid's sextape & talks about the BRAWL
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mama joyce looked thrilled at the wedding with your cockatoo dress

“I was trying to figure out how @MimiFaust was able to pull up on that shower rod…. I think I weigh too much for this! #HumpDayWeds #ItsTimeForKKNtocomeback,” she captioned the video.


This ‘RHOA’ reunion is getting heated! Kandi Burruss who stars alongside Kenya and Porsha reveals that it was definitely Porsha who came out on top during the brawl. Click to find out what exactly happened on set!
Kandi Burress keeps her hands to herself during the April 20 Real Housewives Of Atlanta reunion, but she’s not keeping her mouth shut! Kandi says that Porsha beat Kenya during the reunion cat fight! Keep reading for Kandi’s revealing

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godling going to debut his movie "lost river" at cannes + first still
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“Ryan [Gosling] works in a very free way, he’s constantly in an artistic frame of mind,” star Iain De Caestecker recently said when it comes to Lost River, Gosling’s debut, which was just confirmed for a Cannes Film Festival premiere. The actor went on to unveil more of the plot and explain the source of the new title (which shifted from How to Catch a Monster), saying, “All I can really say is that it centers around a family. There’s my character, Bones, his mother and his younger brother. There’s also a girl next door played by Saoirse Ronan, called Rat.”
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Next on Bob's Burgers: "Ambergris"
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Gene, Louise and Tina are alternately delighted and disgusted by the scent of a seaweed-covered object at the beach.

The kids ask Mickey to help them sell the large hunk of Ambergris - an extremely valuable, but illegal, by-product of whale poop - that they found earlier.


New 'Two Faces of January' posters with Oscar Isaac, Kirsten Dunst and Viggo Mortensen
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StudioCanal has unveiled, via Total Film, these new character posters for the upcoming thriller, ‘The Two Face of January.’ Lead by Viggo Mortensen, Oscar Isaac and Kirsten Dunst, the film is based on the novel of the same name by Patricia Highsmith, adapted for the screen by Academy Award nominee Hossein Amini (Drive, Snow White and the Huntsman, The Wings of the Dove). Amini is also making his directional debut on the film. The official synopsis can be read below. ‘The Two Faces Of January’ opens on May 16th.

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Joey Fatone Says "100 Percent No" to 'N Sync Reunion, Blasts Backstreet Boys
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‘N Sync fans everywhere lost their minds when the boy band reunited to perform and honor Justin Timberlake at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards in Brooklyn last August.

But don't count on another reunion happening any time soon!

"It was fun, it was interesting, but I don't know if it's ever going to happen again," bandmate Joey Fatone told Huffington Post this week. "I don't know whether or not something will ever happen again, but again you always say never say never because that happened. That was never gonna happen and all of a sudden it did happen. Fatone added, "At this moment in time is anything gonna happen? Absolutely, 100 percent no...at this moment."

Fatone also took on his fellow boy band groups and even threw some shade. "All these other groups and bands said that we will never tour again and you see New Kids On The Block tour and stuff like that," he said.

The HuffPost anchor then brought up the Backstreet Boys' recent reunion and Fatone joked, "I feel like they just need the money," before quickly adding, "No offense guys!"


Columbus Short Accused of Threatening Wife with Murder
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"Scandal" star Columbus Short has been thrown out of his house and his wife has filed for divorce ... after he allegedly put a knife to her throat last week and threatened to kill her and himself.

According to a new restraining order -- obtained by TMZ -- Short got into it with his wife April 7 at their Chatsworth home, where she claims he came into her room intoxicated with a wine bottle in hand, acted like he was going to hit her with the bottle and then unloaded the wine on her.

Tanee Short claims Columbus then ran to the kitchen for a knife, pinned her to the couch and began choking her. She says he then demanded they play a game he called "Truth or Truth." He allegedly said if she lied he would stab her in the leg.

She says he then started naming men he believed she was having affairs with. She denied them all but he allegedly then put the knife to her throat and threatened murder/suicide. As she tried escaping she says he slashed her tire.

The restraining order requires Columbus to move out of the house. We've learned cops were there today to ensure the peace as he moved out.

Tanee also filed for divorce Tuesday, citing irreconcilable differences and asking for sole custody of their 2-year-old daughter.

In addition to the incident April 7th, Short has been charged with criminal domestic violence and child abuse for allegedly abusing Tanee while their child and his son were in the house. He pled not guilty. And he was arrested for yet another alleged domestic violence incident a few weeks earlier.

It's interesting ... just last month -- after the first 2 domestic violence arrests -- Columbus and his wife put on a united front at The Grove in L.A.


Selena Gomez Signs With WME, Brillstein
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The actress and singer, who fired her parents as managers last week, is seeking to move past her teen idol image.
Selena Gomez has found a new representation team. A week after firing her mother and stepfather as managers, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that the actress and singer, who previously was with CAA, has joined WME and signed with Brillstein for management.
The rep changes signal the Disney alum's intention to move on into more adult-oriented fare in film and music. After getting her start on the Disney Channel's Wizards of Waverly Place, Gomez recently starred in Harmony Korine's girls-gone-wild crime drama Spring Breakers, and as a mysterious street urchin in the action thriller Getaway, opposite Ethan Hawke.
Gomez, 21, recently completed shooting on the comedy Behaving Badly opposite Nat Wolff and Mary-Louise Parker and appeared opposite Billy Crudup in the musical dramedy Rudderless, William H. Macy's directorial debut. Her other screen credits include Hotel Transylvania and Monte Carlo.
Gomez's first solo album, Stars Dance, debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 last summer on the strength of triple-platinum lead single "Come & Get It." She also took home the VMA for Best Pop Video at last year's MTV Video Music Awards. She previously released three albums as part of her band, Selena Gomez & The Scene, all on Disney's Hollywood Records.


FULL Miley Cyrus Spread in ELLE Magazine
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Mel B dogs Victoria and Vogue writes a Spicy Blurb
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THEY'RE not the best of friends - so it's not surprise things were described as 'awkward' between Victoria Beckham and Mel B when they met at a gym in LA.

It's well known that Mel B is a driving force for a Spice Girls reunion - but that Victoria isn't keen.

The fashion designer only agreed to join the girls for their performance at the London 2012 Olympics on the understanding it would be the last time she performed with the band.

The run-in between the two former band mates occurred at the exclusive SoulCycle gym in Brentwood.

Mel B usually attends a different branch of the gym, according to Heat magazine.

Witnesses told the magazine that Beckham (39) waved at Mel B, however 'Scary Spice' ignored her.

However the mother-of-four wasn't perturbed by the cold shoulder - and went over and chatted to Mel B shortly after.

The exchange is said to have lasted only a minute, and looked 'uncomfortable'.

Mel (38) is said to be eager for a reunion of the legendary 90s girl band to mark the 20th anniversary of their debut hit 'Wannabe'.

The last time the five were publicly together was at the launch of the ill-fated 'Viva Forever' musical.

On the night the other four girls arrived together - Victoria was late and only posed fro pictures with her family.
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Controversy over 'Fun Home' prompts Alison Bechdel to bring Broadway to the South
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On April 14, it was announced that the musical Fun Home had been named a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize for Drama. After a triumphant off-Broadway run, the show is now Broadway bound. But the graphic novel it's based on is under attack by the South Carolina state legislature, so creator Alison Bechdel and the cast of the New York City show are volunteering to bring the musical to Charleston before it opens in New York.

The book Fun Home recounts Bechdel's childhood with a closeted gay father, who was an English teacher and owner of a funeral home; the trial he faced over his dealings with young boys; his possible suicide; and her own coming out as a lesbian. It was the selected title for the College Reads! program the the College of Charleston and made available to all of 2013's incoming freshman.

In February, some lawmakers took issue with the book, and the S.C. House budget committee moved to withdraw $52,000 of school funding, the total cost of the summer reading program.

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ONTD ORIGINAL: What will be THE Summer Song of 2014?
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Summer is coming, so you know what that means: it's time for one singular song to get beaten like a dead horse by the media, and those of us in America will have to suffer through it. Because of the Hot 100's nature, which takes lots of factors into consideration (radio play, sales, and Youtube views, mainly), there's always that one song that becomes inescapable everywhere you go. Personally, I find this fascinating, so I've put together a list of potential Summer Songs of 2014, based on their current chart positions and their artist's prior history of #1 singles.

Keep in mind that I'm not telling you what you're supposed to enjoy or like among these (hell, I'm probably lukewarm about half of them, at best), I just think it's fun to follow these kinds of media charts. This is all out of pure boredom and procrastination on my part, so if you feel like sharing what you're favorite songs of Summers past were, or what you think you'll be jamming to this year, go ahead! Music makes the people come together, etc. Personally, I'm rooting for "Digital Witness" by St. Vincent to smash big "Royals"-style, but I won't hold my breath.

With that said, let's get started~

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source: me, Youtube and hella Wikipedia pages for info checking

Seth Rogen Calls Nancy Grace a “F**king Dumbass” Over Pot Tweets
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Seth Rogen slammed Nancy Grace for her stream of anti-marijuana tweets on Wednesday.

The HLN host took to Twitter to tell the story of Richard Kirk, a Denver man who allegedly ingested marijuana before shooting and killing his wife during a 911 call.

After Grace’s third tweet about the dangers of marijuana, the weed-loving Rogen had enough.

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Ariana Grande’s New Single “Problem” Officially Features Iggy Azalea
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It’s official. Ariana Grande‘s new single “Problem”, which she plans to debut at the Radio Disney Music Awards on April 27, will feature Iggy Azalea. The divas hinted at the collaboration in a mysterious Twitter exchange but Ari just confirmed the odd but exciting pairing in a tweet. She also shared a bunch of unofficial covers to kick off the 10-day countdown to release.

This is a canny move from the “Baby I” songstress. Her planned Chris Brown duet was looking like an increasingly bad move in light of his incarceration and the Australian femcee is on fire right now thanks to the Charli XCX-assisted smash “Fancy”, which is currently sitting just outside the iTunes top 10. Together, they should have no problem making huge waves on the Billboard Hot 100. See Ariana’s tweets and the song’s unofficial covers on the source.


It's that new classic!

The Voice's Cassadee Pope is "Runnin' With The Boys"
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Yaaaaaaas use that promo money and teleprompters to get those pre-written compliments girl! You're ~just one of the boys~, unlike all those other gross girl country artists. Irl though, the message of this video + her response is gross as fuck.

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