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luna_k's Journal

27 July 1979
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~*~ Luna's Bio V.10.5 ~*~

Hiya, and welcome to my little space on the web! Vital Stats: 32, female, bisexual, currently residing in Northern VA/Metro DC. Wanna know more, read my journal. :) Involved in a grab bag of fandoms; see interests below.

To find me other places besides LJ, check this post. To learn many fascinating bits of trivia about me, see this (flocked) post. To see my fic recs, check this tag; to see my master fic rec posts, click here.

*** Please note: This blog is occasionally all about fandoms, but lately it's been very RL-centric. So like, be forewarned. ***

Obligatary "FRIENDING POLICY": If you want to friend me go right ahead! I'm flattered. You don't need to ask permission, although leaving me a comment in my journal would be nice so's I know who you are & all. I don't always friend everyone back, because keeping up with LJ is pretty much a full time job at this point. Likewise, don't feel obligated to friend me back if I add you to my list. And to quote my girl buffyx, "Please, for the love of god, don't angst over defriending me. Do what you have to do. I won't take it personally, promise."

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